The Church of God In Christ Jesus, Apostolic, Inc.

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The Church of God in Christ Jesus, Apostolic, Inc., of which Bibleway Church is an affiliate, was founded by Bishop Randolph A. Carr. He presided over this Organization from 1945 until his death in 1970. He pastored Rehoboth Church in Baltimore, MD. The 2nd presiding bishop of this Organization, Bishop William S. Barnes,Sr., presided from 1970 until his death in 1987. He pastored St. Paul Apostolic Church in Baltimore, MD. The 3rd and current presiding bishop, Bishop William J. Faison, pastor of Bibleway Church, has presided since 1987.

The COGICJ,A,Inc. has more than 50 churches throughout the United States, Canada, Jamaica, Bermuda, and the West Indies. The Chairman of the Board of Bishops is Bishop William S. Barnes, Jr. Bishop Barnes resides in Baltimore, MD and is the pastor of Emmanuel Apostolic Church. Bishop Derrick Smith, the Assistant Chairman of the Board, resides in Brooklyn, NY and pastors Refuge Temple Church of God in Christ Jesus. The General Secretary, Pastor Debra Dean resides in Bermuda and pastors Rehoboth Church of God in Christ Jesus, Apostolic. Pastor Josephine Diggs, the General Treasurer, pastors St. Paul Church of God in Christ Jesus, Apostolic and resides in Baltimore, MD.

Governing Board Members:

Bishop Gordon – Jamaica’s Bishop
Bishop L. A. Guthrie – Canada’s Bishop
Overseer Nezer Yarborough – Southern District Overseer
Bishop Hary R. Wilson – Midwest District Bishop
Overseer Harris Howell – New England District Overseer
Overseer Guss Carr – Southeastern District Overseer


Elder Charles Daniels, International Brotherhood President
Mother Mildred Faison, International Chairperson, Women’s Work
Evangelist Vanessa Diggs, International Youth President
Sis. Delores Barnes, international Sunday School Superintendent