Bishop & Mother William J. Faison, Sr.

Our Parents In the Lord

Bishop William J. Faison, Sr. began pastoring Bibleway in 1957. For over 60 years he proved faithful and walked in the call that God placed on his life. He was called into the ministry in 1954 and diligently labored with his father-in-law, Elder Grady Franklin who had a mission in Norfolk, VA, until he was sent to pastor a small church in the Gilmerton section of Chesapeake, VA. Bishop Faison always stood firm on the Word of God and consistently preached the truth of the Word since the beginning of his ministry. Bishop Faison diligently led the Bibleway Family with the help of the Lord. He faithfully labored at Bibleway, planning and overseeing 4 major building additions to the church. He was the Overseer of the Southern District Council of Church of God in Christ Jesus, Apostolic, Inc. until he was ordained Bishop and became the District’s Diocese Bishop. In 1987, Bishop Faison became the Presiding Bishop of Church of God In Christ Jesus, Apostolic, Inc. In June 2017, he was honored with the title of Presiding Bishop Emeritus and held it until his death in November 2017. 

Mother Mildred Faison, wife, confidant, and help-meet of Bishop Faison, truly proved to be a pastor’s wife. Taught to be a hard worker in the church by her Apostolic parents, Mother Faison implemented many successful programs and activities at Bibleway. She felt that there is a job for everyone. She was the Sunday School superintendent of Bibleway for over 30 years and is responsible for its fine order today. She oversaw many of the activities at the church and was the Chairperson of The Women’s Council of the Church of God in Christ Jesus, Apostolic, Inc. Mother Faison passed away in October 2016.